We Were Made For More Than Juggling


By the Reverend Christine V. Hides

I recently shared a post on Facebook about juggling work and parenting. In short it said to think about the many tasks we have as being glass balls or plastic balls. Glass balls are those things that cannot be dropped or there are serious consequences. Plastic balls (like forgetting crazy hair day at school) bounce when dropped. Sure none of us likes to “drop the ball,” but fortunately we can recover. Thank goodness for grace! When we get overwhelmed it is helpful to focus on just the glass balls.

Almost every Sunday the kids share something that gives me new insights into faith and life. Yesterday I asked the third graders to find something that reminded them of the fourth commandment “remember the sabbath.” I told them sabbath isn’t just rest or a nap (though those things are good!). They talked about special places and special objects that make them feel safe and loved. Sabbath is the kind of rest that recharges our spiritual batteries. For some of us that is hearing the choir sing praise to God. For others it is being outside enjoying God’s creation. For children it often looks like the place they feel safest and like open-ended play that yields joy.

Fellow parents many of us are weary from the intense juggling caused by the pandemic. Perhaps you have seen the recent articles about “surge capacity” and “the sixth month wall.” Practicing gratitude, looking for fulfilling activities, and continuing to live into our values are a few suggested coping strategies. Though none of us knows when the pandemic will end and the juggling will ease up, what we know as people of faith is that, God made us for more than juggling. We are made for relationships with one another and with God. Finding ways to recharge our batteries through sabbath practices helps us to strengthen those vital connections. Maybe we don’t have a day or even an hour. But just a few minutes of deep breathing and quiet prayer can help us re-center ourselves in God’s love and God’s grace.

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September 28, 2020

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