Tips from the Green Team for Events at Church

As the Church opens for more events the #kucgreenteam is sharing green guidelines to provide specific suggestions for ways to be more “green,” reduce waste, and increase sustainability for our Church.

Please follow these simple suggestions to inform your purchasing, set-up, and clean-up decisions. Together we can make our church, our community, and our planet a greener place! Contact Katie Nahrwold, or the #kucgreenteam, if you have questions.

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Green Guidelines for Church Activities and Events

  1. Use items that can be consumed, reused, or recycled. At Kenilworth Union we have many reusable items in our kitchen: reusable cups for water, water pitchers, coffee cups, plates, serving platters, and more. If you have specific questions about what to purchase, or what we already have at Church, please call Kenilworth Union Church at 847-251-4272.
  2. Avoid or limit single-use items such as individually wrapped snacks, water bottles, and plastic supplies such as tablecloths, silverware, glasses, and plates.
    TIP: supply a pitcher/large jug and cups instead of single-serve bottles. Serve a bulk snack with a napkin or paper cup to create individualized portions.
  3. Avoid plastic products that cannot be recycled in curbside bins: #6 (polystyrene/ styrofoam). Look for #1–#5 or #7 plastic, which is recyclable, or choose paper, which is compostable and biodegradable.
  4. Pair every trash can with a recycling bin including clear signage indicating what goes where. Recycle all high-grade paper and cardboard, and empty plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles, and containers. (All materials must be free of food residue). Recycling signage and guidelines.
  5. Remind congregation and guests to carpool, walk, or bike to church and special events, if possible. Adopt a no-idling policy for cars and buses.
  6. Communicate expectations to everyone at your event, meeting, or activity.


September 8, 2022

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