Then and Now:
God in Unknown Places and Experiences

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Sometimes it feels like we’re back in uncharted territory. Some unexpected turn of events has left us unanchored and we must recalibrate. When this happens to me I find comfort in ancient stories of people whose faith guided them into as-yet-unmapped terrain, risking it all for the sake of family, freedom, or simple survival. In August Christine Hides and I will preach a new sermon series called Then and Now: God in Unknown Places and Experiences. We will follow the stories outlined below. You’ll remember Abraham and Sarah from Sunday School I’m sure, the two of them set out from home, anchored by the promise that their family will one day number the stars in the sky. Then we meet Moses and Miriam who led their people out of slavery and into the wilderness. If “The Ark and the Tent” is less familiar, then know this: it is about finding sacred space wherever you are, especially if that is a place of lost wandering and cloudy futures. Finally we’ll move toward a sense of home and belonging, with “The Ark and the Temple,” where the desert wanderers find a more settled routine in the land flowing with milk and honey, and mark that experience by building a sacred place where they can worship together.

Then and Now Sermon Series

Date Sermon Title Scripture
August 7 The Great Family Genesis 12–15, 24
August 14 The Exodus Exodus 11–15
August 21 The Ark and the Tent Exodus 25–31, 35–40
August 28 The Ark and the Temple 1 Kings 5–8; 2 Chronicles 2–8
July 28, 2022

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