The Wizard of Uz Sermon Series

The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

Artist: William Blake

September 11, the anniversary of the most traumatic national event in our lifetimes, falls on a Sunday this year, and that got Katie and Christine and me to thinking about all the evil and malice in God’s good creation.

The Book of Job from the Hebrew Bible is sometimes called a theodicy—a defense, or apologia, or explanation, of God’s management of God’s own creation.

The Book of Job belongs with Dante’s Divine Comedy and Milton’s Paradise Lost as the three greatest spiritual epics in western literature, so we will be looking this fall at Job—The Wizard of Uz.

The Wizard of Uz

Date Lesson Sermon Title
September 4 Job 1:1–5 Job
September 11 Job 1:13–22; 2:9–10 Sidites
September 18 Job 1:6–2:8 Satan
September 25 Job 2:11–3:10 Job’s Friends
October 2 Job 33:12–33 Elihu
October 9 Job 40:15–24 Behemoth
October 16 Job 41 Leviathan
October 23 Job 38 God
August 24, 2022

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