The Great Prayer

God, you are before all things;
You are beyond all things;
And in the midst of all things and all peoples
you have made yourself known.

In Israel’s ancient codes and prophetic oracles,
in stories of women and men,
of communities and nations
seeking identity,
feeling their strength,
and struggling with their weakness
you have made yourself known.

In Jesus of Nazareth,
in compassion for the outcast,
forgiveness for the fallen,
hope for the poor and hungry;
in his life poured out for others
and broken in rejection and disdain
you have made yourself known.

As he broke bread before
the brokenness of his death,
as he poured out wine before his blood was poured out on the cross,
as he gave his life in acts of goodness,
as he invited all to the feast of new hope,
so come to us, God of Jesus, in your love.

In this season of plenty, remind us to be grateful to you for the rain and seed and the miracle of food.  We offer our thanks to all those who till the field and bake the bread.  Bless their hands and hearts.

We pray this day for all those who suffer the torments of violence, racism, division. We pray for those who are without safe homes, who hunger, those in need of healing, children everywhere who are anxious and alone.

Come to us, holy spirit
and let the bread and cup before us
bear your life to our life,
nourish us with his vision of hope,
and unite us in one body of peace.

August 18, 2019

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