The Good Shepherd and Holy Communion

By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Let’s baaaaaake! So begins the Great British Baking Show, which is one of my favorite binge watches. What’s not to love about British accents and competition that yields friendships and creativity? Whether your baking is of the edible variety or the mud pie messy-in-the-backyard variety, we’ve got some fun recipes and activities to help fill these summer days. Maybe one of these recipes would be a way to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives?

On Sunday we will continue with Part III of our June theme, “Things We Do on Sundays,” by engaging with the story of the Good Shepherd and Holy Communion. This story connects several Bible passages including Psalm 23 and the Last Supper into a narrative that helps us identify Jesus as the shepherd who loves us, cares for us, and nourishes us at the table.

We have some wonderful plans for art, enjoying nature, and service projects in the works for next month. While Children’s Ministry will still be online in July, we will continue to experiment with more hands-on and interactive opportunities to grow in faith and have fun!

Favorite Hides Family Recipes:

Baked Goods

Wonder Bread, an easy first bread recipe

Cowboy Cookies, this classic oatmeal chocolate chip recipe is approved by five generations of my family

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Vegan Banana Bread

Messy Fun

Play dough, cooked homemade play dough is fun and economical

Bubbles, the trick to bigger bubbles is letting the solution sit for a few days

Salt Dough, this dough can be baked and painted


June 21 Family Faith summer activity sheet

Have S’More sweet summer fun that uses campfire treat ingredients as prayer prompts (click here for the printable card).

First Graham Cracker: Start by greeting God. You might say “Dear God,” “Holy God,” “Loving God,” or “Creator.” Use the name for God that helps you to pray.

Chocolate: God’s love is sweet! Thank God for all the ways you feel God’s love—the warmth of the campfire, delicious food to eat, the beauty of nature around you, and time with your family and friends. Have each person around the fire share what they are thankful for.

Marshmallow: Life can get sticky, so we ask God for help. We make mistakes. Sad and scary things happen. Ask God to help you and other people. You might ask for healing for someone who is sick, forgiveness when you have made a mistake, peace for the world, or anything you need! Share what you are praying for with those around the fire.

Final Graham Cracker: End your prayer with a group “Amen!”

June 20, 2020

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