Summer 2019 Project

September Completion

Summer, typically a time of leisure and relaxation, saw bustling activity at Kenilworth Union Church! We are pleased to report we are just finishing up on the important maintenance work that we discovered we needed last fall.

The major work we have completed includes an entirely new foundation and structure along the north side of our property at the Skokie Ditch. Our new retaining system is structurally superior with improved safety and aesthetics. As part of that work we have added code compliant exiting from the basement, a water ejection system, and enlarged windows and a window well for enhanced lighting.

We have upgraded our HVAC system replacing 11 failed and end-of-life-cycle rooftop units with LEED compliant high-efficiency units, as well as completely new electrical distribution to those units. This will result in marked year over year savings on our energy consumption. We are just finishing work on the sanctuary roof, a roof that, sadly, was built with virtually no insulation. Our solution was two-fold. We are patching and replacing broken slate and areas where leaks have been occurring at the same time we add insulation to that entire roof.

The entire flat roof above the main area of the church has been replaced, increasing our R rating for the roof there while creating a watertight environment. We have addressed and “buttoned up” multiple areas of water infiltration. We have also added new gutter lines, scuppers and downspout to better handle rain water.

We have waterproofed the perimeter of the main church and identified, repaired and created new sewer lines at the manse to rectify water issues in the basements of both buildings.

We have removed the invasive ivy from the church, cleaned the stone, and tuck-pointed areas of erosion the ivy were creating. Our bell tower louvers have been striped, rot has been repaired and they have been newly painted, as have over two dozen windows around the church. The covered walkway has been upgraded with new lighting. Our main, side and sanctuary doors have been restored and refinished. An automated opener has been installed to the sanctuary doors.

Our partners, HKS and Bulley and Andrews have done an exceptional job leading this project and providing above and beyond services to ensure that Kenilworth Union Church has top quality, value-driven solutions. We are extremely grateful to have the personal dedication from this team that treats our church as if it were their own. The strides we have made over the summer have been meaningful and important and help to ensure the legacy of our great church.

Ann Carey

October 3, 2019

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