Summer 2019 Project

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July Summer Update

By Ann Carey

Summer construction work kicked off June 10th with our professional service team of HKS and Bulley and Andrews leading the way. For safety reasons construction fencing surrounds the manse, west entrance to the church, and the area north of the church. Work is well underway on demolition and excavation along the Skokie Ditch where we will be building a new retaining wall to replace the one that is failing and compromising the north foundation of the church. This process will be six or seven weeks long in tight conditions but is essential for the integrity of our church.

The next few weeks will be very busy. The ivy, which has been cut to die, will be removed this week, and tuck pointing of damaged stone areas will commence. We will also be starting the new flat roof installation that will remedy the countless areas of leakage we have seen in the sanctuary and church. Those leaks will be fixed from the interior in August.

August will also see the replacement of 14 rooftop HVAC units, window and enclosure repairs, the main sanctuary will have automatic capability on the right door, and waterproofing of the manse and church basements.

While we undertake this work the manse will continue to be closed but the church remains open as usual. We will have a temporary door leading into the sanctuary for a week when the existing door is off being refinished.

While this work is mostly infrastructure in nature, the benefits to the operations, and function of the buildings are countless. We anticipate having all work finished by early September to kick off the new church year.

Ann Carey takes a tour of the Church roof and it’s needed repairs in the YouTube video below.

July 10, 2019

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