Skeptics and Believers

The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

We are reconvening the study group “Skeptics & Believers” in February and are looking forward to welcoming newcomers to study and discuss John Shelby Spong’s 1998 book Why Christianity Must Change or Die. If you’re discouraged by the hyperbolic title, just know that the content is less histrionic. We’ll meet on the third Monday of the month beginning in February at 7 p.m. in the Culbertson Room, taking four sessions to get through the book. Dr. Spong’s book is available at your favorite bookstore.

For those who have not been part of “Skeptics & Believers” please email Karen Gaynor of your interest. Dates are below and we’ll send reminders when the first date gets closer, to which you can RSVP to let us know whether you can make it or not.

I’ll apologize up front if you flee Chicago in the winter or can’t make these dates. We won’t stream or record these sessions because it’s a group discussion, and such back-and-forth doesn’t record well.

Why Christianity Must Change or Die, John Shelby Spong
Harper Collins, 1998
Culbertson Room, 7 p.m. Third Mondays

Date Section Page #’s
February 20 Preface
Chapters 1–4: Creed, God, & Atheism
March 20 Chapters 5–8: Jesus 70–133
April 17 Chapters 9–10: Prayers & Ethics 134–167
May 15 Chapters 11–13: The Church & The Future
December 15, 2022

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