What’s Saving Your Life Right Now?

Barbara Brown Taylor is an Episcopalian priest, one of America’s greatest preachers, and a religion professor at Georgia’s Piedmont College. When an Alabama priest asked her to speak at his parish, she asked, “What do you want me to talk about?” and he replied, “Tell us what’s saving your life right now.” 

Dr. Taylor thought about that clever question and compiled her answers into a 2009 book called An Altar in the World. Her objective in this book is to help readers notice the holiness of everyday life—a trip to the grocery store, for example, or a toothache—and to erase the distinction between the sacred and secular. 

She says that she wants her readers to “recognize some of the altars in this world—ordinary-looking places where human beings have met and continue to meet the More that they sometimes call God.”

That sounded like a sermon series to Squire, Sarah, Katie, Christine, and me, so that’s what we’ll think about from Easter to Pentecost. 

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now?

April 7Second Sunday of EasterI: Waking up to God: Vision
April 14Third Sunday of EasterII: Getting Lost: Wilderness
April 21Youth SundayIII: Encountering Others: Community
April 28Fifth Sunday of EasterIV: Blessing Others: Benediction
May 5Choral Music SundayV: Paying Attention: Reverence
May 12Confirmation SundayVI: Walking on the Earth: Groundedness
May 19Pentecost & Children’s DayVII: Living with Purpose: Vocation
Picture of Barbara Brown Taylor, author of An Altar in the World
Barbara Brown Taylor, author of “An Altar in the World”
Picture of Dr. Taylors book An Altar in the World
Dr. Taylor’s Book “An Altar in the World”
April 4, 2024

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