Senior Sermon: Tyler Hurley


Kenilworth Union has been a big part of my life as well as my family’s, with one of my first big memories receiving my bible in 3rd grade. I continued in the youth program, attending youth groups on Wednesday nights and going on the wilderness trip to complete my confirmation journey.

My family has always been involved in Kenilworth Unions various activities and service opportunities. Specifically my brother and sister were part of IMPACT and attended multiple trips, and my Dad even got to tag along on a trip as a chaperone to Cuba a couple years ago.

But growing up I was too young to be a part of IMPACT during the times my siblings were, but I was able to view what the IMPACT experience looked like for them, so I had a good idea of what to expect. All of it was appealing but what I’ve come to learn is how individual it can be for each person. Making this my own experience is what has been most meaningful and cements the notion that my Kenilworth Union Church family is a ‘home’.

Perhaps this ‘home’ looks different for everyone. All of our experiences are unique based on needs, relationships, vulnerabilities, and growth but the one common denominator is the Kenilworth Union family.

I have been fortunate enough to participate and understand this special community after attending my first IMPACT trip last summer. The anticipation was half the fun with games Squire crafted, service hours, the bake sale, and even the late-night runs to Homers after meetings. But these are just steppingstones to the actual trip, and once you’re finally at your destination, somewhere in the world, it all comes together.

Last summer was my first trip, we traveled to Hawaii to work with local churches helping them out all the ways we could…repainting, renovating bathrooms, cleaning, and helping spread the churches love to the various Hawaiian communities. These experiences were very impactful to myself as well as all the other IMPACT members on the trip. But what was most special for me was creating my own IMPACT experiences, that was not my brothers, not my sisters, and not even my parents. It was mine and mine only; and I am forever grateful for memories, and service, and my growing relationships with other people as well as with God.

I love this Kenilworth Union Church community no matter if it’s Hawaii or Puerto Rico or right here in Kenilworth. As I head off to college in the fall I will always feel the support and comfort of this church. And I know it will be with me forever.

April 16, 2023

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