Search for the Light

An Advent scavenger hunt at Kenilworth Union Church
originally written by Jen Kidwell

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Advent is the church season before Christmas, when our job is to wait before we celebrate Jesus’s birth. Waiting can be hard! And like all difficult things, it takes practice.

 There are lots of good things you can do while you’re waiting to celebrate Christmas. Jesus has a lot of other names, but one of the things we call him is the Light of the world. At Christmas we celebrate that Jesus brings light into darkness. This scavenger hunt will show us some ways we can practice waiting for Christmas by looking for ways that God’s love brings us light all the time.

 If we look around us, we will probably find a lot of little lights that remind us of God’s big light. Enjoy the lights at Kenilworth Union Church as you hunt for four clues that show you four different ways that these little lights help us to wait for the brightest light on Christmas. 

Directions: Use the clues below to find 4 boxes hidden at Kenilworth Union Church. Sign each logbook and leave messages for other church friends. Be sure to put everything back inside the box when you’re finished and put it back exactly where you found it! Wear your masks, use your hand sanitizer, keep distance from those not in your household, and have fun!

Clues: Three boxes are hidden in the front of Kenilworth Union Church. One is in the Memorial Garden. Oh, and if you need extra help, peek at the extra clues. Don’t look too early or it might spoil the fun.

Box 1: During Advent we pray as we wait
Find the stone praying hands  and look straight… down.

Box 2: The wonders of advent bring all ages delight
The second box is found in a little girl’s sight.

Box 3: The trip to Bethlehem is a long journey
Near the spiral path is where you’ll  find box three.

Box 4: The Advent candles stand for hope, joy,  love,
And peace symbolized by the statue of doves.

In case you get stuck: 
Box 1: The praying hands are on the exterior wall of Schmidt Chapel (east side of the front face of the church)
Box 2: is located near the little girl statue in front of the sanctuary steps.
Box 3: is located near the labyrinth which is along the front wall near the cloisters.
Box 4: is located near the dove statue on the north side of the Memorial Garden.

November 23, 2020

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