Sacred Ground Update

We have positive news to report about Sacred Ground, the faith-based dialogue series we have been engaged with since late January. Over 55 participants from Kenilworth Union and the Church of the Holy Comforter have been meeting online and in person, and the opportunity to work with friends across the street on this topic has been most meaningful. Thank you to the Kenilworth Union facilitators Laura Connell, Christine Hides, Jennifer Lind, and Diane Rand, who will meet when the program ends this month about how to move forward with this program.

The Episcopal Church, who developed Sacred Ground, recently released a report on the series and found 66% of White participants indicated they were “very” or “extremely” transformed. More than 90% of participants took at least one action step as a result of their involvement. You may wish to view the full report here, and pray with us or contact us if you have thoughts on this program’s next phase.

May 2, 2022

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