Rummage Sale is Canceled

Kenilworth Union Church’s annual Rummage Sale has been canceled for 2020 & 2021. 

“We were all looking forward to getting back together and working on something that brought joy to everyone—workers and shoppers,” said Hope Poor, Rummage co-coordinator, in announcing the decision. “We postponed the decision for as long as we could. But as the days have gone by, it became clear that life will not be back to normal by June, when our corps of dedicated volunteers would need to start their work. We couldn’t ask them to take the risk. And it became hard to imagine hundreds of shoppers bustling through the church in July.”

She noted that all the North Shore Rummage sales scheduled before mid-July have also been canceled.

Rummage co-coordinator Cris Guthrie noted that Rummage usually produces about $100,000 to support the church’s Outreach Program. She said cancellation of Rummage makes support of the upcoming Outreach Benefit even more critical.

“In the long litany of the losses we feel in this season, this belongs there along with baptisms, the ritual of Confirmation, Easter at sunrise…the ache for community is live within us, and rummage is one of the ways we live out community,” noted the Rev. Dr. Katie Lancaster, associate minister.

What should church members do with all the things they have saved to donate to Rummage in 2020 & 21? For now, hold on to them. Unfortunately, neither Goodwill nor other North Shore Rummage sales are currently accepting donations. Rummage leaders will be on the look-out for possible opportunities and will let you know if other Rummage sales scheduled for late summer and fall will be open. Rummage leaders urge those who have room to save the things for the church’s 2022 Rummage Sale.

April 15, 2020

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