Recapping the Stewardship Call

Chris Beer and George Wishart, Stewardship Co-Chairs

At Kenilworth Union Church, we strive to create a holy community that nurtures love, faith, and fellowship while inspiring generosity and service for all people in the name of Jesus. Our community thrives because of your gifts of time, skills, compassion, and, especially, financial resources. Your generous contributions have empowered us to welcome a fresh face in the form of a Minister for Youth and Mission, enhance our digital footprint with a revamped website, and ensure our church remains a welcoming sanctuary for all.

As an interconnected community, we are bound by our love for God and the commitment to serve others. However, staying relevant and connected does pose its own set of challenges. It’s your unwavering support that equips us to better serve God and our congregation. This sense of gratitude and humility is particularly palpable during our annual All of Me, All of Us Stewardship Campaign, a time when we reflect on our financial resources. We warmly invite you to participate by making a pledge.

In the coming four weeks, we’ll be celebrating the spirit of generosity that is so inherent to Kenilworth Union Church. Our goal this year is ambitious—we aim to raise $2.2M to fund the operations of our church. But we believe in the power of collective effort. Through your pledge, we hope you’ll experience the profound joy that comes from actively supporting the myriad activities our church undertakes throughout the year—teaching, singing, caring, serving, and ministering.

We encourage you to take this small step towards a larger goal. Remember, every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant difference. Thank you for your unwavering faith and service to God and others. Together, we can achieve great things. We’re truly grateful to have you as part of our community.

October 24, 2023

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