Prayers of the People October 22, 2023

The Reverend Christine V. Hides in robes standing in the Memorial Garden.

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

*You may use these prayers for non-commercial purposes in any medium, provided you include a brief credit line with the author’s name (if applicable) and a link to the original post.

*The quoted phrases come from Carrie Newcomer’s poem, “Aftershock, the second violence” found in The Beautiful Not Yet.

Eternal God, our refuge, and our strength, Since the beginning your love has radiated throughout all creation. We witness miracle after glorious miracle in the glorious tapestry of rich reds, glowing yellows, and translucent oranges. Under this autumnal canopy, your mercy is our steady ground, Even when the weight of our burdens and the hurts of the world teeter precariously.

In the “aftershocks” of unspeakable violence, when Sabers rattle and headlines scream, Do not let “tragedy become a commodity” or let “suffering sell.” Turn us instead to peace and compassion, That we might discover the tools to “mend what has been torn” And leaders might embrace what “might really heal the deep wounds.” Let the sky’s melody be composed by birds, not bullets; Let the ground rumble with aid trucks, not tanks; Let clean water and justice flow; Let there be safe haven and refuge for those caught in conflicts they did not create.; Let love make a way toward your peace.

This day we mourn an especially long list of members and friends and so we ask you to receive them into the arms of your mercy. May the love and faith they shared never fade. Comfort the grieving and knit those of us in this life closer together.

Healing God, be with those who are struggling with long illness. Tend to those recovering from accidents and surgeries. Use our hands to extend your comfort and care for all who ache in body, mind, or spirit.

God there is nothing hidden from you and so we ask that God there is nothing hidden from you and so we ask that
Where there is uncertainty, be calm.
Where there is discord, be love.
When the way is shadowed, be light
Where loneliness lurks, be a friend
When despair grows, be hope.
In the barren places, be life.

Awaken us, Holy God, to the in breaking of your kingdom,
And fill us with expectation for your coming.
Come to us now in spirit and truth
And make us ready for your reign of peace,
Through our savior Jesus Christ who teaches us to pray:
Our Father…. Amen.

October 22, 2023

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