Prayers of the People October 17, 2021

Reverend Christine V. Hides

God of wisdom, God of love, God of extraordinary miracles,

With thanks for each blessing you have given us: the gift of life, the comfort of family and friends, the provision for our daily needs, we come to you in prayer.

For your  Church, Christ’s hands and feet in this world, your people who serve humbly and who lead boldly, Holy God, we pray that all might know of your love and mercy, through the faithful ministries of the church.

For the nations of the world, for communities in need, for places where violence is too common, for those who are working tirelessly to provide sanctuary for refugees, for the wisdom of elected leaders around the globe, Merciful God, we pray that true peace that passeth understanding be made known.

For the beauty of the earth, for woods and wetlands, deserts, and deserted beaches, for the mysterious ocean depths, for the grandeur of the mountain peaks, Creator God, we pray that the world’s resources might be preserved for future generations and employed for the common good.

For those in our community who are in need, for the unemployed, the overworked, and the uninsured; for those who struggle to secure food and shelter; for those facing any kind of physical or mental illness, for those who have lost hope, for those who grieve and mourn, for all who have entrusted their heartfelt prayers and petitions to this congregation, for every concern we carry with us today, named out loud or held silently in our hearts,  Loving God, we pray.

In the presence of your Spirit, in faith and trust, we lift our hearts to you O God, as we pray the prayer your Son Jesus Christ teaches….

October 17, 2021

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