Prayers of the People October 10, 2021

The words and imagery were inspired by Robert Frost’s “October”

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

God of all seasons, we come to you in prayer this hushed October morning where turning leaves and sparkling light reveal a glimpse of your glory. We give you thanks for the land and those who have stewarded it through the ages,  for the ripe fruits and golden grains and those who harvest them while racing against the shortening days. 

Beguile us, O God, let us linger and delight in the abundant blessings of fall: the birds migrating overhead, the taste of fresh picked apples, the crunch of acorns under our feet. Slow our pace so that we might be enchanted by the depths of your love and mercy.

Be near us, Holy One, as we sit watch with those who wait and those who weep, that presence may be a comfort. 

Be near your people , O Lord, who are holding on against wild winds of brokenness and injustice.

Release us, O God, from fear and greed, from pain and suffering, from every kind of trouble. Strengthen our resolve, dissolve our doubts, renew our faith that, by your grace, we might be instruments of your healing, reconciliation, and liberation. Form us ever more into the image of your son Jesus Christ who teaches  us to pray: Our Father…

October 10, 2021

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