Prayers of the People November 13, 2023

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Eternal God, as the last clinging leaves loosen their grip in the chilling air, we anticipate the shortening of the days in which we will light candles and keep watch for your coming. We read the words of the prophets who put human voice to your holy promises that we might hear you in a world of competing views.

By grace you free your people from the bonds of evil and injustice. Your mercy is the light which breaks forth as the dawn through the ages and calls people from every race and nation to be citizens of your holy realm. You show us the path of peace and healing.

You long for the time when the whole world will know your peace, harmony, and justice. A time when the instruments of war will be laid down and transformed into tools that nourish humanity and steward your creation.

Until your vision is fulfilled, until the wolf and lamb dine together, and nations no longer war; we remember the sacrifices of those who serve in the armed forces, the time spent away from home, their challenges greater than we can imagine, the loved ones who awaited their return; and for the healing of those who suffered physical, spiritual, and moral injury.

Holy God, let your comfort dry every tear. Let your peace indwell every troubled soul. Let your love soothe the pain of grief. Let your hope transcend every act of violence. We bring before you the deepest prayers before you in silence. Holy God, Let your hope and joy overflow in our lives.

Bless this holy sanctuary in which we gather. Inspire and unite this community of faith that we might pour out your love and care for the vulnerable, the hungry, the forgotten, and the weary.

As we pray the ancient prayer Jesus teaches…. Our Father…. Amen.

November 13, 2022

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