Prayers of the People May 1, 2022

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Most holy God, maker of heaven and earth, Lord of all things visible and invisible,

You regather us, your church for worship, outreach, and growth, inviting us into a collective movement of hope, a murmuration of justice, peace, and love. You invite us into the beauty of the world, to stand in awe of the budding flowers, as the promise of spring wafts on the warming air, and the puddles beckon our inner child to jump.

On beaches, in backyards, and by beautiful places you assure us of your love. So we give thanks to you, holy God for the gifts of special music today and the heavenly chorus who joins us in worship.

We are grateful for all those who supported the outreach benefit, that agencies can provide life changing, and life saving services to those in need. May the work of the outreach committee enable the agencies to widen their reach as it deepens our generosity.

We give you thanks for successful surgeries and procedures in recent days which bring health and healing to those we care about. For those in the medical profession who answer your call to provide skilled care, we say thank you, Holy God.

And as the school year draws to a close we are grateful for a year of growth. Amidst the flurry of end of year activities we give thanks for students, teachers, crossing guards, administrators, volunteers, and parents who nurture safe learning environments.

On beaches, in backyards, and in beautiful and broken places you assure us of your love, at the same time asking us to love others. So we turn our hearts and minds to the places in our world, the people in our lives, and the portions of our hearts in need of transformation.

This Sunday after Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ask that the memory of the millions who died and the stories of those who came to the aid of Jewish neighbors inspire a love of God and neighbor so overwhelming that hatred and evil will one day be no more.

Bring your peace to Ukraine and every nation, city, and street where there is violence. Make tools of terror into tools of transformation, swords into plowshares. Protect those in harm’s way. Surround those impacted by violence with your presence and strength; bring justice to victims and their families.

Draw near to our hearts and homes O God, where we remember those facing surgery and illness this week, those who walk the winding path of grief and loss, and those who struggle to find true friends. Let your healing and grace move between and among us, a murmuration, a soothing balm for every ache.

On beaches, in backyards and by beautiful and broken places you assure us of your love, O God. And so we seek to walk in the steps of Christ, who says “follow me,” Jesus the one who teaches us to pray: Our Father…Amen.

May 1, 2022

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