Prayers of the People March 5, 2023

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Gracious God,
You are generous with your people; your mercy is abundant.
We gather on the tenuous threshold of spring,
When birdsong returns with the warming breeze,
When sunshine breaks through the persistent cloud cover,
When new life is aching to burst forth from the cold depths of winter.
Once again we are reminded of your abiding presence and the gifts of life.

Through your son Jesus Christ your grace knows no bounds.
By your spirit you inspire us to live as he lived, to act as he acted, and love as he loved.
In Christ we know that we are to care for the poor and the afflicted.
We are to gather in your name
And embody your love, hospitality, and care.
For we know that in your realm it is the impoverished of this world
Whom you have blessed with everlasting riches.
Let us sing your praises all our lives
And place our trust in you who keeps faith forever.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Eternal God,
Let us trust in you when our souls are troubled,
When the aches of this world are too great to bear,
When grief reappears unexpected and unwelcome
When the impossibilities of daily life loom like a mountain
When our eyes have no more tears to shed,
When scrolling through the headlines dulls our compassion
When the foundations are tremble.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Let us trust that you are present with us in our need
And in every troubled corner of your creation.
Let us trust that you know what we seek before we even ask.
For you Holy God, are merciful and mighty.
Your spirit hovers over heaven and earth,
seeks to dwell within our hearts, and
gathers your people together to worship across space and time.
Through Christ you offer us a feast of grace when we ask for a crumb.
So fill us with your hope and turn our hearts to you as we pray as Jesus teaches us…Our father….


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March 5, 2023

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