Prayers of the People March 26, 2023

The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

Great God of Glory and Grace, in the strong name of Jesus hear our prayers of praise and petition.

We give thanks for the gift of this unique new day,
which has never been and will never be again.
Help us to put it to good use in your service.
May we find on this seventh day:
recreation for the labors of the coming week
the vivid nearness of your presence
communion with our companions along the way
into Christ.

We give thanks for the subtlest hints of spring,
even if they are a bit subtle for our impatient tastes.
For the lengthening day,
the sharper light,
the warmer sun,
the greener earth,
the fragile flowers of early spring,
the bracing breeze off the lake,
the reliable rhythms of the flying stars and worlds,
we give you thanks.

With our thanksgivings, we bring our petitions.

For our nation, that peace and unity might prevail in a divisive day.
That understanding and collegiality might wax as bitterness and enmity wane,
That opposing political parties might work together
and begin to realize that you need the other side to do anything worth doing,
that abusive rhetoric might fade as smarter, kinder statesmanship takes its place.

For our neighbors in need of the full measure of your healing grace.

For those bereft of those they’ve loved and lost.
For the heartbroken who can sing only sad songs in a land where there is always one too few.

For the lonely, the confused, the misunderstood.

For those known better to you than to us,

In the name of Jesus, who taught to pray: Our Father…Amen.


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March 26, 2023

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