Prayers of the People March 20, 2022

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

God of morning, wake us up to a sense of wonder today in awe of the very essence of our being, connected one-to-another in the complex web of creation.

Open our eyes to your presence as the glowing embers of sunrise leave streaks of cloud across morning sky.

Rooted in meditation and contemplation, in the deep breath of prayer, we ask that you make us brave in the face of every vulnerability and fear. Protect and enfold us in the face of danger and uncertainty.

In pain, in worry, in fear, in grief, hear our groaning prayer, with sighs too deep for words. Pour out your spirit upon the whole earth, upon places of sickness and health, joy and sorrow, riches and poverty, war and peace.

We feel the polarity, the dichotomy, the disjunction of our relative safety in a war torn world. Be with Ukraine, with all those who fight an unwanted, unwelcome, harrowing war. You know the faces. You know the names. You know the worries. Be, O God. Draw near.

Be with those in the most tender places: birthing rooms and funeral parlors, hospital rooms and inpatient counseling centers, homeless shelters and courthouse hallways.

Let some semblance of peace grow between us, even here, even now, so that some piece of our hearts might melt toward those who slander and offend us, those who denigrate and dishonor us.

There are so many, Lord. For brother, sister, parent, child, friend, and neighbor. We lift up our hearts to you in the safe silence of this sanctuary, O Rock and Redeemer And now, let our voices join in unity as we pray the prayer Jesus taught us saying, Our Father…. Amen.

March 20, 2022

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