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The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Inspired by Psalm 51, a beloved psalm to one whose family is in Kyiv.

Merciful God of steadfast love, you desire purest wisdom and inner truth for us.

You forgive our transgressions, bringing wholeness, peace, and reconciliation into every corner of our lives. You draw us together in community to seek your kingdom. You purify the desires of our hearts and create in each of us a yearning for the joy of your salvation.

Knowing your abundant mercy, we bring to you the concerns of our neighbors and the aches of this world, entrusting all things to your steadfast love:

Bring healing to those whose bodies, minds, and spirits are in need.
Bring relief to those who lack food, water, shelter, educational opportunities, and medical care.
Bring peace to those who are troubled by long-standing hurts and justice to those who long for freedom.

Though we struggle to find words, we pray for those places in the midst of armed conflict, especially for Ukraine. We pray that your peace might settle long-standing internal conflicts in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Libya, and Syria. For places around the world forgotten and unknown to us, we pray for an end to violence and unrest. Protect civilians and soldiers from the weapons of war.

We remember those seeking refuge from war, famine, hate, economic impossibility, and for all those displaced from their homelands. Draw near to the overwhelmed borders and resettlement agencies struggling to meet the demand, O God. Let generosity of hearts and resources flow to those in greatest need.

And for world leaders, we pray that your wisdom and power prevail over the evils of greed and lust for war, not only in the time to come, but today.

Lord, our God and deliverer, draw us ever-nearer to your presence. Hear the prayers of our hearts for which there are no words. Let us always sing praise to you, by the power of your spirit, through your Son, Jesus Christ who teaches us to pray: Our Father…. Amen.

March 13, 2022

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