Prayers of the People June 26, 2022

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

You are our shepherd, O God, our rock, our fortress.
You are our peace, our light, our salvation.
To you, we bring our whole lives,
every worry and hope,
every longing and love.
We trust your abiding presence,
and lay down our lives in the shelter of your love.

You are majesty, mercy and mystery.
Before your throne of grace,
we bear our ache to begin again,
our yearning for another way,
our longing for another chance.

We feel Our collective action,
our scramble for justice,
our attempts to advance peace
and champion mercy feel as if they have failed again.

We count our own imperfections,
even as we acknowledge
that the weight of the world’s injustice
was long ago too much even for you to bear, O Christ,
your divine attempts to let love win foiled by the cross.

Even when we are ready and willing
to struggle for justice,
even when we don’t succumb to complacency,
the task is impossible at best.

So, be our balm in Gilead.
Hear our weeping.
Strengthen us in our commitments.
Buoy us in the storm.
Prepare us for a way ahead.

Let us believe again,
In the beautiful complexity of this life.
Welcoming something beyond Black and White,
Something beyond binary, something more gray,
Something that might flourish and grow,
And become healed and healing.

You are Holy Incarnate Mystery,
Holy Incarnate Word,
Holy Abiding Spirit, and we need you.
We need you to hold the mystery of this life,
for we think we see the path ahead,
and then the landscape changes again.

We need you in our trouble,
when anxiety unsettles us,
when we lose sleep and get flustered,
when the butterflies in our stomach
cannot and will not settle.

We need you to hold the mystery,
for there is more here to unfold than we can see,
there is more life to come than we can know,
there is, in you, an inexhaustible spirit,
teeming with hope,
where tears can be wiped away,
and sorrow can be held,
and the worst kind of worry can be sorted.

Give us the capacity to make space for your spirit,
for under the banner of your love,
we know that there is life, there is freedom,
there, we can live and move and have our being.

Bind us together, O God, with a transcendent joy,
just beyond the edges of our sorrow,
so that we can walk even the most impossible path,
and the fire will not consume us.

Be with us O God, and hold us in your arms of love.

June 26, 2022

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