Prayers of the People June 19, 2022

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

God who dwells among us, in creatures, in plants, in animals, in human beings, God who works in me and is at work for justice in the world, we give you thanks and praise. We seek you in all things, in our waking and in our sleeping, in our moving and walking, in our silence and in our conversations. In all that we see, taste, hear, and understand, we know and trust your presence, power, and essence. And yet sometimes it is as if we are lost in a fog, a dense thick fog that causes us to lose our way. A mist and darkness that causes us to slow down. Even through the fog of not knowing, let me slow down, pay attention, listen carefully, and know when it is time to slow down or even stop. Accompany us on the journey through the clouded way, so that we might learn to trust your divine presence hidden in the mist, moving forward surrounded by you.

Through the fog, let us listen to our neighbors, listen to the wise strangers in our midst, listen despite the distractions and competing priorities and unending pivots. Settle us into awareness. Be the still small voice within as we navigate the news out of Ukraine, the heavy politics in our own country, the forever impact of ongoing gun violence and the freedoms long deferred by systems of injustice. Be the still small voice as we pray beyond the small borders of our own lives.

Give us kind traveling partners through this life, surround us with love, and give us a restless heart, restless until we rest in you, O God. And now we lift up the prayers of our hearts in faith and in silence.

Lord, hear our prayer, and hear our voices united in the prayer Jesus teaches us, saying…Our Father…. Amen.

June 19, 2022

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