Prayers of the People June 13, 2021

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

God, you are the great silence before whom all words fail. But even the words that fail need to be spoken and so we come to you in prayer. We seek you. We trust you. We long for you. So meet us here in what is familiar and holy.

For we’ve been here before: in worship.
We’ve been here before: in community.
We’ve been here before: in the delight of gathering.
We’ve been here before: a luminous morning, marking the beginning of this day.
We’ve been here before: flummoxed.
We’ve been here before: sensing some welling up within us, as yet uncharted.
We’ve been here before: embarrassed by the evidence of stubbornness.

We’ve been here before, and yet, it is all new.
The uncertain geometry of the road ahead is all new.
The implausibility of the open road before us is all new.
The resonant joy, new.
The double rhythm of gratitude and hope, new, and renewed.
The persistent, unbroken heartbeat within our bodies, the welling of tears.

We’ve been here before, and all is new again.
So, be with us, divine love.
Be with us, resonant spirit.
Be with us, incarnate One.

Are we ready for your spirit among us?
At once yes, and always no.
We know you are beyond.
You are greater than.
You are holy.
You are light of lights.

You are outside the limits of our imagination.
You are uncharted.
You are octaves above and below.
You are the one in whom
we live and move and have our being,
abounding in steadfast love,
as far as east is from the west, you are, O God.

So be with us. Mend us.
Heal us. Enliven us.
Beckon us. Enfold us.
Be our God, and we will be your people.

Lord, hear our prayer. And hear us as we pray the prayer that Jesus teaches us. Our Father…. Amen.

June 13, 2021

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