Prayers of the People July 25, 2021

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

You, who sees all,
You, who bears the world,
You who is heard in all the world,
be our blessing.

Be the ground of our being,
the depth of our reality,
the beyond in our midst.

Be for us ultimate mystery,
absolute future,
searcher of hearts.

Dwell with us in the hidden places.
Understand the strangest fears
that punctuate our day and night.

Hear our surrender,
the rise and fall of our breath,
the unpretentious revelation that
“all will be well, and all will be well,
and all manner of things will be well.”
(Julian of Norwich)

Hear us as we whisper to you,
howl and roll on through the dissolving day.

Be with us in the blue blur of morning,
and the swelling force of company, friendship, family.

Be with us, the gravitational pull of love and longing
made visible as we navigate what is said and unsayable.

Be with us as we step onto escalators and moving sidewalks,
slide into elevators and duck into sedans,
the trappings of public life revealing
the dual joy and exhaustion of a life well lived.

Be with us as we posture and pivot,
unable to recalibrate to a regular rhythm.
Let the blue embers of love tie us together,
a rush of justice, mercy, charity, kindness surging
as we wield your ever-present calling for the sake of others.

Make visible your love, and the love between us,
so that with hope we might be made whole.
Let us taste and see such palpable love.
Let us sit at your table, indisputably fed.
Let us linger together, measurably changed.

O Living God, Friend of the World, Merciful One, be with us.
O Rock, Redeemer, our true home, be with us.
And hear us as we pray the prayer Jesus teaches us saying…

July 25, 2021

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