Prayers of the People July 24, 2022

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Holy God, we give you thanks for this season of sunshine and recreation where we are renewed by the sights, sounds, and taste of summer. We awake to the light glimmering and the peaceful sound of waves lapping on the shores. We linger at picnic tables with feasts of ripe local tomatoes and the tenderest of sweet corn, remembering again the sweet taste of  the earth’s harvest. We end our days delighted at the flurry of fireflies with their steady, pulsing glow and the sweet lullaby of crickets. We give thanks to you, O God, for these simple pleasures which gladden our hearts.

When we overlook your gifts, distracted by the busyness of our lives, renew our awareness of your abundant blessings. Keep us ever mindful of the concerns of our neighbors. Enfold us in your peace, as we entrust our cares to you:

We ask this morning for relief and safe shelter for Europe and southern portions of the United States facing record heat. And we hold Chicagoland in our prayers after a weekend of heavy rains and severe storms.

You know what we seek before we ask and so we pray for the peace of the world, and especially those who live under the rule of tyrants, where conflict leaves grocery shelves empty, and too many innocent lives are lost in war.

We pray for the earth and her stewards, who care for abundant and life-giving gifts. Keep us mindful of our use of air, water, and natural resources. Let the dry rivers and lakes be filled and the wildfires extinguished with fresh rain. Turn our hearts to care for the migrating Monarchs and the graceful manta rays moving through the oceans depths.

You know what we seek before we ask and so we pray for all in need of your healing mercy, for all who suffer from illness, injury, abuse, and addiction. Draw close to the grieving, meet us in our sorrow, soothe our hurts.

In silence, we bring to you our burdens and the burdens of those we love.

Holy God, overwhelm us with your love, embolden us to knock at the door of your grace, that we might love and follow you with all our heart, mind, and strength. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Our Father…. Amen.

July 24, 2022

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