Prayers of the People July 18, 2021 of dawn and dew, we give you thanks.
The exact whereabouts of your dwelling place
remains inexpressible to us,
and yet you light the way
and instantaneously fill us
with the mystery of your Spirit.

Be with us, inexhaustible.
Be with us, unfailingly.
Be with us, amplified.
Be with us, a deep grace.

For, on our own, we wander restless.
On our own, we sway in the wind.
On our own, we leak and lapse,
pressed equally
by misplaced desire
and low-grade apathy.

So anchor us.
Be our beacon.
Rally our spirit.
Raise us up, O God.

We pray thanksgiving
for every breath,
every hug,
every meal.

For the approaching tarmac,
giving way to a much-longed-for family visit.
For the wheels on the car,
carrying us to the house of a friend.

For the time away,
the time together,
the time to be.

For the blue evening of summer,
and the hoped-for dawn.

We pray, too, for the hardships.
For the new diagnosis,
the chemo,
the sudden injury,
the hospice bed.

For the flooding,
the heat,
the fire,
the crumbling infrastructure,
the rising hospitalizations.

For the lives lost.
For the friend who died.
For the giving over to God.
We pray, Lord, hear us.

Our Father….

July 18, 2021

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