Prayers of the People January 30, 2022

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Before dawn, you were there.
In starlit night, you hovered over our every breath.
In the most ancient of beginnings,
you spoke the world awake, and so it was.
You began the forest.
You planted the first harvest.
You stood at the threshold, making all things new.
And so today, we remember that
in you all things are possible
and without you nothing is possible.

We trust that you make a way in the wilderness
and place rivers in the dry desert.
You are our refuge in trouble,
and when we turn to you,
all anxiety falls from our shoulders.

When the day becomes turbulent and unsettled,
we remember your voice echoing across the centuries
saying, “I am with you.”

When we feel alone, grief and uncertainty swallowing us whole,
we hold tight to your ancient message,
“God is love and all those who abide in love abide in God.”

You search our hearts.
You understand us.
In you we confide our deepest troubles,
and you echo your love across our lives.

We bear our lives to you in faith and in silence…. Lord hear our prayer.

Your justice, mercy, and peace are woven into the very fabric of creation.
Let such song of peace rise.
We ask your blessing over the whole world
and feel a deep longing for peace.

May your peace be made possible.
Stay the hands of those who reach for weapons.
Give restraint when impending attacks feel inevitable.
Fashion a way for wisdom when looming fear is possible.
Be with those who are in harm’s way.
Bless the children.
Forge a path for the refugees.

For those near and far, comfort those who mourn.
And put your spirit in our midst,
so that we might weep with those who weep and be transformed.
Surround us with your compassion
so that as we build beloved community,
we are bound together in love.
Harbor such life-changing love within us,
and hear us as we boldly pray the prayer Jesus teaches us saying…Our Father…Amen.

February 3, 2022

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