Prayers of the People January 15, 2023

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Eternal God, Creator of the Universe we join with all heaven and earth to proclaim your handiwork, your divine craftsmanship evident in the vividness of earth and sky, the texture of sea and mountain. We see the work of your hands revealed in the irresistible faces of so many newborn babies! This morning’s almost fluorescent pink sunrise left us in awe, O God; your art leaves us breathless. It is your beauty that inspires. It is your way O Lord, which sustains our souls. It is your perfect wisdom that is the source of our knowledge and insight. (Psalm 19)

And yet we don’t have to look too hard to see that all is not as it should be. The problems of the world are, “gigantic in extent, and chaotic in detail.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Since ancient times injustice and oppression have plagued us and separated us.

As we honor the life and ministry of Dr. King, we give you thanks for the saints and prophets who embody your justice and peace, who cry with hoarse voices to end racial violence and discrimination, who will not compromise until all are gathered into your beloved community.

For it is you O God, who make our hearts rejoice and our voices to praise you. (Psalm 19). And it is your son Jesus Christ, who transforms broken hearts, and systems by the power of love.

We pray especially for all who wait too long for a fair trial, and for those whose right to trial is taken along with their life. We pray for those trapped by tyranny and crushing poverty. Let your perfect wisdom guide those who hold positions of power and privilege. Open our hearts to hear the voices of the modern prophets who speak your truth. Lord let your justice flow.

We bring before you the concerns of our hearts, especially those we know who grieve the loss of loved ones. We trust those in need of healing to your care, O God. Mend every scraped knee, broken bone, lingering cough, and mutated cell. Bring relief from the clouds of depression and despair that hover. Stand with those who need a true friend.

Be with those in the midst of war and disaster. We pray especially for peace in Ukraine, for those dealing with torrential rain and flooding in California, and those recovering from the tornadoes in the south. For those tragedies known more to you than to us O Lord, hear our prayer.

Now having heard the deepest yearnings of our hearts, fill us with wisdom and understanding, knowledge and power, and grant that we may live in harmony with one another as we await the kingdom of heaven.

Our Father…Amen.

January 15, 2023

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