Prayers of the People February 20, 2022

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

God of light and love,
we follow you.
Into the illuminated day,
we pursue your timeless presence,
risking the pause it takes to notice and grasp
the divine love that is ever-present.
We need you, O God,
in the depth of February
where light returns day by day
and birdsong gives us hope.
We need you as we walk the frozen earth,
dreaming of the moment when tulips push up from the dirt,
sweet and yellow.
We need you as we walk this life:
its puzzles and slant difficulties.
We find ourselves not knowing the way
needing you to take the lead
point us down your path home.
We find ourselves in the valley of
the shadow of death,
anxiety flared and worry dancing across our day.
Be with us.
Accompany us.
Lead us.
Usher us forth into the song of love that issues from your divine shadow.

We pray too for the worries of nation and globe.
For the ache of the earth as she bears rising temperatures, raging fires, deforested landscapes, unrelenting human harm.
For the risk of war, and the radical hope that lion might lay down with the lamb and sword made into gardening tool, resting in the hope that we might not practice war anymore. Give us a way toward peace. Guide us. Steer us through.
For the hardship of disease, for our hospital workers, for those who care for the suffering. Be with us, O God.

Wrap us in the light of your love.
Give us your goodness.
Create in us a new kindness and gentleness
When we cry out, hear us O God.
And in the safe silence of this Sanctuary
hear the prayers of our hearts.

February 20, 2022

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