Prayers of the People February 12, 2023

Diane Hart, Stephen Minister Leader

Dear God who lifts us up, who carries us, and who delivers us, we are grateful for the beauty of this sunny day, the hint of warmer weather, and the grandeur of this earth’s natural beauty, but also for the simple touch of a loved one, a call from a friend, the support of caring ministries of our church and for those who walk with us in difficult times. All of these gifts add to our wonderment of the world that you have created and reminds us of your abundant and never ending love.

And while we are mindful of these generous gifts, let us also reach out as we can, for those who are suffering the devastation from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. We pray for the thousands of families who have lost loved ones, and those that are left wounded or homeless, and for those who work diligently to help with the rescue efforts.

And here at home, help us to feel your presence as we deal with our anxieties of everyday life, the constant barrage of political discord, our own health issues that frighten us, or our concerns for loved ones who are in need. Help us to breathe slowly, to turn to you in prayer, to feel held up as we strive for balance with those we love, and those with whom we struggle. Help us to reach out for a caring hand in our own times of need and let us be that caring hand for those who find this day difficult. Guide us as we support one another, using the gifts we have received to serve others as faithful stewards of your love and grace.

We give thanks for this church community dear God, and all those who support and nourish it with their gifts of time and talent.  And we give thanks for the ministers who guide us and inspire us each week through worship, education, and care. As we grow in our relationship with you loving God, help us to hear your words each day, and transform them into deeds that work toward the growth of your kingdom here on earth.

Keep our hearts and thoughts in Jesus Christ, your son, who taught us to pray together: Our Father…Amen.


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February 12, 2023

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