Prayers of the People December 25, 2022

Squire Prince

Mighty God, bringer of light and love, Harborer of hope and humility, Prince of peace, all that is beautiful and wonderful, we look to the manger today, as the Magi and the Shepherds. We look to the manger and see a baby, crying, teething, fully human, but Divine, and shining with royal glory.

In this annual season of joy and cheer, we are reminded that you are not far and removed, but near, around, and within us. You have pitched your tent not just amongst us, but within our hearts, that we might cry out to you, with certainty that have already heard our cry before we utter a sound. We give thanks to you, the almighty, for the gifts that you bring to us. We are blessed in so many ways, we ask that you help us to therefore be a blessing to someone this day.

With the assurance of your faithfulness, and the blessing of your presence, we cry out for not only ourselves but those around us. In this season of cold weather, and hardened hearts, let the light of your love warm our world and warm our hearts. May the tragedies of human morality be rivaled by your divine hand, and may the clashes of evil be stilled by your peace.

May those who experience heartache this season be comforted by your spirit, strengthened by your love, and filled with the peace that surpasses all understanding. We ask for those in need, in want, in despair, for those needs known and unknown, we ask that you would move in mighty ways. We ask that your presence and your light would shine forth in the frigid fogginess of our lives, and that you would bring discernment and clarity to our situations. We ask that a spirit of rejoicing would bless our lives, our hearts, that we would continue to shout praises, sing alleluia, proclaim gloria in excelsis deo!

And now we pray the prayer that Jesus, now and forevermore with us, taught us to pray: Our Father…Amen.

December 25, 2022

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