Prayers of the People December 17, 2023

Christine Hides in front of the Psalm 19 window

The Reverend Christine V. Hides
Associate Minister for Discipleship

O Christ who illuminates these cloud draped days, and long shadowed nights,
This season is filled with reminders of your presence:
The twinkling lights that line our streets, the garland adorning so many doorways,
The merry greetings that arrive with increasing frequency,
Advent candles burning ever lower.
This morning you arrive in this sacred space in word and song. 

Eternal God we wonder, how can we your people, keep from singing?
Each lesson, each carol, becomes an opportunity to sing your praise.

You have made room in these measures for 
The fullness of our lives.
Our deepest hopes for the world you dream of.
Our longings for a resolution to the dissonant chords of our experience:
The unexpected illness,
The fragile relationships,
The grief and loss that leaves us heartsick,
The tragedies and conflicts we barely know how to pray for.

Still we sing our thanks and praise:
With lyrics that stir our stuck souls,
Melodies that swell from the deepest corners of our hearts,
Rhythms that steady our out-of-step wanderings.
Yours is the music that fills us with hope.
You are the Word arriving in a manger lullaby.

So let us sing our way to Christmas, 
Let us sing of the wonders of your love,
Grant us the exuberance of a child rejoicing through chapel songs,
As we sing our way toward you, O Christ, who teaches us to pray…Our Father…. Amen.

A note from Christine V. Hides: While I’ve used my own turns of phrase, I was inspired by Walter Brueggemann’s prayer “We will not keep silent” found in Awed to Heaven, Rooted to Earth. His themes echo through this prayer written for Lessons and Carols.

*You may use these prayers for non-commercial purposes in any medium, provided you include a brief credit line with the author’s name (if applicable) and a link to the original post.

December 17, 2023

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