Prayers of the People August 29, 2021

Prayer by the Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

delivered by Clare Nahrwold and Chris Ottsen, Guest Liturgists

God, we are awake.
The song of the birds.
The song of the sun.
The song of our friends.
We are awake.
Awake, we can trust.
Awake, we can pray.
Awake, we can offer to you those we love.
For the ones who know joy this week, hear us.
For the ones who know worry, hear us.
For the ones who know sorrow, hear us.
For the ones who know love, hear us.
For the ones who know peace, hear us.
For the ones who know fear, hear us.
For the ones who know in a new way, hear us.
Hear us, O God.
With gratitude, we offer such love to you.

Bless our school year.
Bless the littlest ones, their very first day.
Bless the oldest ones, a return to the classroom.
And everyone in between.

Bless the full backpacks.
Bless the carpool.
Bless the bus ride.
Bless the crossing guard.
Bless the bike rack.

Bless the principal.
Bless the janitor.
Bless the chalkboard and computer.
Bless the art room.
Bless the music.

Bless budding scientists.
Bless curious minds.
Bless kindness.
Bless friendship.
Bless connection.

Bless learning.
Bless teaching.
Bless supporting.
Bless the lunch room.
Bless afternoon snacks.
Bless the homework.

Bless the walk home.
Bless the sports fields.
Bless the after school connection.
Bless the tutors.
Bless the coaches.

Bless the hallways.
Bless us all in the way of love.
Bless, O God, the full hearts.
Bless, O God.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

And God of such blessing, hear us gather our voices together praying…

August 29, 2021

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