Prayers of the People August 20, 2023

God of midsummer dreams and delights,
vine-ripe blackberries and soft skinned peaches,
God of cardinal flower and cup plants, hummingbird and heron,
to you, O Lord, we lift up our souls.
We rejoice in the gifts of August, as we notice the transitions of this season:
the changing light, bustling school supply aisles, and in the sage-scentered air.

Holy God, we trust in you.
You meet us in the places of possibility and tenderness,
at the water’s edge where nature’s power and beauty can overwhelm.
You abide with us at the bedsides of encountering unforeseen illness.
You join us at the bittersweet embrace at the dorm room door,
Greet us this week at the thresholds of high school classrooms
where teachers have been busily preparing for students to return.
Let there be joy in learning.
Let there be a friend to nod to in the hallway.
Let there be safety and welcome.

Make us mindful of your mercies Lord,
As we pray for an unfathomable loss in Maui, and for too many places where fires threaten,
Especially Yellowknife and British Columbia, Spokane and Washington.
Bring your tender mercies Lord to the people in the path of tropical storm Hilary.
Let there be dry ground to shelter on.
Your mercy is known to us in the miracle of migrants found off the coast of Spain after a month at sea,
And so we ask for safe passage for those who must flee dire circumstances.
Hear our ongoing prayer for your deep peace to seep into the places of unrest and violence
which force too many to risk their lives in the hope of refuge.

In a world where the only certainty is uncertainty, let your steadfast love guide us through our work, school, and daily lives. Let your grace be our teacher as we find new homes, make difficult financial decisions, search for a new job, and seek to mend relationships. Forgive us when we bring our missteps before you. Relieve the troubles of our hearts and bring us out of distress.

Let Jesus Christ, the one who calmed the storm and said, “Do not be afraid,” be our comfort and our guide, praying as he teaches us: Our Father…. Amen.

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August 20, 2023

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