Prayers of the People August 15, 2021

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Blessed are you, O God, whose strength and loving power encompass the universe,
You breathed life into ancient primordial soup, and declared it good.
You made covenant with your people, and led them toward fullness of life,
Your goodness made known in what some might call small victories:
water from rock, the enduring voices of prophets and teachers,
an empty manger on a cold night, the healing touch in the midst of a crowd,
the mystery and promise of an empty tomb.

Your faithful presence reveals the long arc of your love reaching into our lives today,
as we witness the sunlight golden through the evening clouds;
Monarchs flitting amidst the August flowers guided by some magnificent internal compass;
the check or the job offer arriving just in time;
the memories shared along the drive to the freshman move in;
the relief at finding the right kind of glue stick on the back to school shopping trip;
the custodians, teachers, and administrators putting in extra hours to create the best possible year of learning for students;
the reluctant arm offered for the vaccine;
the extra measure of patience smiling behind the mask;
the deep peace that comes in the heartbreak.

God we are grateful. These small victories outline your long arc of steadfast love for all people. Yet, even as we delight in these tender moments, it sometimes feels as if the arc of justice is held by a wavering bowstring, threatening to snap backwards into brokenness and despair. And so we pray for those situations where your kingdom seems far off:

the war torn nation being taken over by harmful forces;
the people of Haiti facing the aftermath of the earthquake in the path of a storm;
the millions of refugees who wait for safe haven on borders and in tent camps around the globe;
the deep divides that separate neighbors and loved ones;
the fires, heat, drought and flooding that devastate too many places;
the impacts of climate change that seem irreversible;
for illnesses that do not yet have a cure.

We bring these heartfelt petitions and so many more to you,
In trust and hope that it is your steady hand, not some thin bowstring, that bends the arc of peace and justice.

Blessed are you, O God, whose strength and loving power encompass the universe,
You breathe life into our lives and restore creation, your love and grace are steadfast,
You shape and transform our lives. Grant us joy in what is good. grant us wisdom, strength and courage to participate in bringing peace and hope into places where it is needed, through your son Jesus Christ who teaches us to pray…

August 15, 2021

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