Prayers of the People August 14, 2022

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

God of the edges, God of thick darkness and pillar of fire,
Your promises outnumber the grains of sand in which we spend summer afternoons wriggling our toes at the edge of the lake, delighting in your creation, resting in your care.

-You meet us at the edges, and you bring us through the depths.
Move us from our stuck places into opportunity.
-You meet us at the liminal places, where the shadows hover near
With love, you mark us as your people, nourishing us, beckoning us. Make us always ready to follow you into the unknown.
-You meet us at the thresholds of the new role, the new challenge, the new addition to the family, the new school year, the new project, the new relationship, the new diagnosis.

Because you meet us at the edges of our questions and our faith, delivering us from the false promises that trap us, we trust that you will meet the world, O God.

-Meet all at the margins and inspire us to create communities of wholeness.
-Meet all who face the uncertain edges with violence, make the weapons drop; transform them into tools of peace.
-Meet our leaders at the verge of tough decisions, illuminate the ways of justice and truth, that they might serve your people.

God of promises that outnumber the grains of sand, turn our wants and complaints into service and thanksgiving. Help us to remember to tell our children of the great things you have done that this generation and the next might seek you and turn to you at every crossing.

Through your spirit make our voices to praise you and our hearts to dance. For who is like you O God, majestic and holy, awesome in splendor, creator of wonders (Exodus 15:11) whose son Jesus Christ teaches us to pray…Our Father…Amen.

August 14, 2022

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