Prayers of the People April 9, 2023

The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Risen Christ,

We lift our alleluias to you
Who frees us from darkness and lights our path to life eternal.
We have once again arrived to find an empty tomb and
Divine grace filling the human made chasms.

Alleluia! We sing with all creation,
Every blade of grass emerging from the spring soil
Every daffodil and crocus unfurling from the ground,
Every bird warbling their morning song.
Awakening anew to hope, we lift our alleluia, again and again.

Eternal God, with your gift of faith that quells our doubts,
We trust in your steadfast presence with the hungry and the hurting,
The hoping and the hopeless, the grieved and the grieving, the worried and weary,
The questioning and the uncertain.
Aware of the burdens of our lives, the troubles that surround us, and the wars of this world,
We seek your deep peace and keep watch for your blossoming hope which unravels human suffering.

Blessed are you O Christ,
Who came to heal and to teach,
To embody “a love ethic that includes the enemy” (Wonhee Anne Joh)
To transform lives,
And to bring forth your reign of justice and peace.
Alleluia! We say, again and again.

By your Spirit, make us to be Easter people the whole year through.
Let our praises join those of the first women,
And every generation who has seen the power of the resurrection in the Risen Christ.
Surround us and guide us every day that you, the Lord, have made
As we join our voices in prayer: Our Father…Amen.


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April 9, 2023

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