Prayers of the People April 30, 2023

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Come, great Spirit hear us pray.
The grey sky and rain,
the blue sky and crisp air,
a reminder that just beyond the ordinary
is an unfolding miracle:
the crabapple, redbud, and magnolia tree
taking sun and rain to
“blossom on the threshold of abundance”
(Denise Levertov).
We hardly stop to notice.
Slow us down, O Divine Abundance.
Open our eyes, O Love Made Known.
The last tulip on the block opens this morning.
The maple leaves open wide.
The spring bunnies scurry under bushes,
awake and alive to this day.

Shake us free what holds us captive,
our narrow focus and forgetful spirit,
and in increments let us return
to full awareness of what unfolds:
Your spirit, near.

Be for us a sure foundation,
a cornerstone,
love embodied.

Mend and tend to our mental health and well being.
Let our nervous systems calm in your sanctuary.

Let us be glad for what does not hurt,
and rise to meet even the worst challenge
this day might bear.

Morning by morning, your grace pours forth.

Let us participate in receiving you this day,
the vast extraordinary measure of love
that flows from your great Spirit
of shelter and protection.

Welcome just through
the marked and unmarked entrances
to your house of welcome and love.

We think now of those we love,
those we know,
those we know of
who carry the heaviest burdens:
where there is suffering, give relief,
where there is sorrow, give comfort,
where there is worry,
give signs of change and possibility.

For places far from here—
Sudan, Ukraine, Russia,
Israel, Palestine,
Haiti, Honduras
—where gang violence, incessant war,
and fragile ceasefire hold sway,
Lord hear our prayer.

And for places closer in,
here in our country where fear unfolds
as states make sweeping laws
removing access to care, services, and rights,
Lord hear our prayer.

Give us voice.
Give us energy to act.
Give us love embodied.
Morning by morning,
your presence urging us toward a new vision.
May your vision be our own.
May your love be made known among us.
May our hearts be changed.
Hear us as we pray the prayer Jesus teaches us,
saying: Our Father…. Amen.


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April 30, 2023

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