Prayers of the People April 18, 2021

God of this fragile planet,
where memory and hope are always hard at work:
we need you.

Hear our stammering,
a river of sound,
praise, petition, prayer,
the lifting up of truest joy
and deepest sorrow.

Some days, we inhale dust,
our lives empty and windblown.

Other days, something just beyond ourselves
shines bright enough to bear us up and out
into some creative alternative,
into community,
into light and high beauty ever beyond reach,
but always pushing us more and more
toward your vision for this world,
where swords are turned into garden tools,
guns are melted down
into trowels and rakes for vegetable gardens.

Somehow a sunbeam breaks through the clouds,
and the trigger finger is calmed,
the gun is placed on the ground,
no bullets are sprayed,
no ambulance is called,
no mother’s tears are shed.
Sunlight through shadow and life can thrive.

Put us there, Lord.
Instead of one more 13 year old boy shot by police.
Instead of one more young man with a gun entering a workplace carrying rage and death.

There must be another way.
Light our path.

Persuade us,
lure us,
sway us to walk in your ways.

There is no other way,
only peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness.

There is no other way, only faith, hope, love.
There is no other way, O Light of the World.

Carry us toward your peace
that passes all understanding,
a peace that moves toward justice,
a peace that moves toward kindness,
a peace that moves toward humble
participation in beloved community.

Carry us toward your deep breath within us;
with sighs too deep for words.
We need you, O God.
We long for you, O Christ.
We pray to you, Holy Spirit.
Hear our prayer.
Hear us in faith.
Hear us in silence.
And tune our ears to hear you.

And hear us as we pray the prayer
that Jesus teaches us saying,
Our father…

April 22, 2021

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