Prayers of the People

Christine Hides in front of the Psalm 19 window

The Reverend Christine V. Hides
Associate Minister for Discipleship

Holy God whose streams of mercy never cease,
God of the suffering and the compassionate,
You forgive our debts and misdeeds.
You know what it is like walk gently, 
Amid the harshness, vitriol, and blame,
That echoes off every platform.
Lavish mercy is your very nature.
We witness it in every sunlit, early-spring day,
In the joyful return of birdsong,
And the life-filled rustle of tiny creatures emerging from their winter rest.

Therefore, we come to with open hearts and hands asking for even more:

Lord have mercy on all those who hunger and thirst,
And all who search wearily for a bed to rest and a roof overhead.
Let there be places of refuge.
Let there be helpful companions to help navigate the way.

Let your compassion transform those in places of power whose,
Hearts are hardened to innocent people in harm’s way.
Bring an end to terror and violence.
Bring essential aid. Bring possibilities for peace and thriving in war ravaged places.

Let peace descend upon our youth in this season of tests and admissions.
Ease anxious hearts.
Bring wise guides who show that there are many ways forward from places where we seem stuck.
Bring positive results and hoped-for answers.

Rest your tender hand upon all who are recovering from recent surgeries,
All who await test results,
All who struggle in body, mind, or spirit.
Bring healing and gentleness.

Let your tears flow with those of the grieving.
Be present with those whose relationships have fractured.
Be hope for those who have lost loved ones.
Be the promise of eternal life for those in their dwindling days.

As we turn to this table, we give you thanks, Holy God for Jesus Christ, the fountain of mercy that overflows and the love which knows no end. 

In a fractured and hurting world, make us to see one another with Christ’s kind and compassionate eyes.

By your Spirit make us curious about the lives of others, that we might be able to extend just a fraction of the mercy you lavish upon us. Let us pray as Jesus taught us, Our Father…. Amen.

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March 10, 2024

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