Prayers of the People

Christine Hides in front of the Psalm 19 window

The Reverend Christine V. Hides
Associate Minister for Discipleship

God of the clear winter sky and February snows,
God of the migrating birds,
God of the meek and mourning,
God of mystery that tempers our knowledge,

We seek your nearness this Lenten season,
In the brisk cadence of a walk by the lake,
In the steady hum of hospital rooms,
In this sanctuary where we pause from the drumbeat of our daily lives to pay attention to your rhythms.

And so we thank you God, for your presence in our lives and the
relationships we nurture in this church community.
We thank you for food and shelter,
Our families and friends,
For that which has been mended,
For the possibility of healing,
For purposeful work to do,
And for the countless simple gifts we often take for granted.

We trust that you are with us even in the challenging and grief-stricken times in our lives.

For many awaiting and recovering from surgery we give you thanks for good medical care and ask for an extra measure of healing and strength. 

For those who have carried their grief for a long time, Lord be comfort.

Wrap all whose grief is fresh and aching into your care.

For those who are discerning next steps for the coming school year,
Bring clarity and assurance.
For those whose anxieties rise, guide the way toward quiet refuge.
When even joyful celebrations result in violence,
Have mercy O Lord.

For so many around the world who face the unfathomable hardships of war, Poverty, and lack of opportunity, make a way. 

Kindle in us all a desire to find, if not solutions, at least some relief to intractable problems.

Help us to be expressions of your love in this world,
Offering shelter for the houseless,
Warm coats and gloves for those arriving at train stations,
Toothbrushes and soap for those who have none.

For it is you O God, who desires the well-being of all. Through Jesus Christ we know the upside-down blessings of peace, justice, and your kingdom come: Our Father…. Amen.

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February 18, 2024

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