Prayers of the People

Christine Hides in front of the Psalm 19 window

The Reverend Christine V. Hides
Associate Minister for Discipleship

Almighty God, we give thanks to you for the beauty of the world and the good things that have happened to us this week. We are especially grateful on this on this Palm Sunday when we remember your son, Jesus Christ who entered his last week of earthly life humbly on a colt. 

Throughout the week he proclaimed justice, peace, and compassion in word and deed. Then and now this is just the type of teaching that threatens the powers that be. Let us humbly approach you with our prayers and petitions, aware that following in Christ’s footsteps is always a risky way to live.

O Prince of Peace, let the earth receive you with joyful song, for blessed are you who comes in the name of the Lord.

O King of kings, let the world’s leaders serve with humility, morality, and a desire for common good. Let them refuse to pursue empty power. Let the fruit of the many elections around the world this past week be fairness and justice.

O Wounded One, who commanded us to love both neighbor and enemy, draw near to those reeling from violence, especially in Moscow. Transform those who use terror as a weapon. Let the skies be filled with birds, not missiles. Be comfort to those who await relief in war-torn places. Make way for the aid to arrive.

O Compassionate Heart, have mercy on those of us who muddle through the ordinary trials of life. Bless the grieving. Hover over the waiting. Heal the sick and hurting. Guide us back to you when we stray off course. Hear the silent prayers of our hearts.

O Good Shepherd, as you lead us into this Holy Week, guide our hearts and minds, that we might contemplate the great mystery of your life, death, and resurrection with renewed wonder. Be with us as we dwell in the unanswerable questions that arise your unfathomable love and self-lessness.

Hear us as we pray as Jesus teaches us: Our Father…. Amen.

March 24, 2024

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