Prayers of the People

Katie Lancaster standing in the Cloisters

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster
Senior Associate Minister

We approach you God, with all that we are. Act in me as I draw myself to you. You are Light from Light, true God from true God, searcher of heart, who dwells in hidden places. 

In you we place our trust. In you we are comforted. In you we bear up our lives. In you, our soul breathes. Where can we go from your spirt? Even if we take to the wings of dawn and go to the far side of the sea, there your presence guides us there, we cannot deny the traces of your divine love within us. 

With you we can breathe, and your prayer is suddenly within us. 

For this we are grateful, that you are nearer to me than I am to myself, that your breath of life moves in and out and through. Be, God. Be with us. 

We pray for your profound and incomprehensible holy mystery to transcend the uncertainty of our lives. 

For a friend in the hospital. For a neighbor after surgery. For a daughter, grieving. For a parent, making decisions that feel too hard to hold. For the one who understands what is ahead, and is too tired to fear. For the one who battles silently, struggling to be comforted. For the one who feels hopeless after long season of lament. 

For the one who has become indifferent, even in the face of being fully and abundantly alive. 

Be present, God. 
Be with us. 

In all this, in every ripple, every bite, fight, scramble and stillness. 

Incline your spirit to us in the mystery, the wandering, the seeking, the exploring, the longing for contemplation. 

Abide with us. Hold all that we hand over to you, the fragile, the tender, the vulnerable. For that is where our love dwells. 

Hold our feeble bodies, our aching pain, our resilient yet susceptible frame. 

For that is the holy place where our dreams are born.

Holy one who arrives in pillars of a cloud and shines in brilliant darkness, we ask that you are in the places battling fear, where grim equipment shortages meet impossible ailments, for Israel and Palestine, for Russia and Ukraine, for Myanmar where a new friend has family trying to find a way, for doctors forced to make decisions at the center of scarcity where too much hurt arrives, Lord hear our prayer. 

Comfort those who struggle. Restore those who are lost. Renew hope where there has been none. Let your holy vocation of empathy and co-suffering and lamentation rise up within us so that we might join in the spirit of courage, power and love breathing life into the dust of conflict. 

Be present, O God. Rise up.

As you knit us together in your spirit, may we be one with all who join together at this table, and with all your children at every corner of your table. 

May we share this abundant cup with all those who thirst for your justice. May we share this abundant bread with all those who hunger for your righteousness. May we be united in hope, in vision, in purpose, in ministry. 

Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us, and upon these gifts of bread and cup, that the bread we break and the cup we share may reshape our common bonds, remember our common grace, and strengthen us for what is to come. 

Through Christ, in Christ, incarnate, indwelling, resurrected, ever-near who taught us to pray: Our Father…. Amen.

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March 3, 2024

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