Prayer in Uncertainty

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Kenilworth Union Church friends and neighbors,

I am working on a research project called “Prayer in Uncertainty” and as part of that, I am collecting prayers prayed during seasons of uncertainty.

My narrowest scope for this research is prayers that were prayed by clergy and church leaders during the last 18 months of pandemic-tinged uncertainty. I would love your support for this research. I know you are connected to churches and pastors in the places where you grew up, in your vacation towns, in other cities where you lived, in places where your family members worship. Please forward this on to clergy and worship leaders those places!

The broader scope for this research is more generally “Prayer in Uncertainty.” If you have prayers (written by yourself or others) that you have used in times of uncertainty, or reflections on what it has meant for you to pray in uncertain times, please feel free to submit those as well, or email me. Your input will deepen my research, and root it ever-more to this church community.

Prayers may be submitted here.

In gratitude,


July 28, 2021

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