Practicing Generosity and Stewardship at Home


Kenilworth Union Church Children’s Ministry generosity is explained in Christine V. Hides’ blog, “Small Gifts Making a Large Impact” here.

Generosity is the practice of giving good things to others. Stewardship is taking care of the good things we have been entrusted with. People of all ages can practice generosity and stewardship as a faith-filled response to God’s love for us. Here are a few ways, adapted from Let the Children Give by Delia Halverson:

  • Toddlers can practice stewardship by putting their possessions away
  • Preschoolers can participate in acts of caring for others
  • Elementary students can learn to use money with the understanding that it is a gift that comes from God and belongs to God
  • Middle School students can understand our Christian responsibility to share our gifts of prayer, presence and service

See what others have to say about the rich tradition of generosity and outreach at Kenilworth Union Church by watching the video below.

January 13, 2019

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