Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 8: April 19


First Badge: Jesus Trail Badge

As pilgrims made their way through the land, they often recorded their progress and memorialized their experience by collecting badges or markers. These would be presented at the final destination as evidence of their journey for a final token or certificate of completion. Along our Pilgrimage to Pentecost, we will recognize our progress with many of the christian pilgrim trails walked through history and today.

The first badge is from the Jesus Trail. This trail leads from Nazareth to Capernaum traversing through the town of Cana and many of the areas in Galilee where Jesus launched his ministry. In 2019 as a group from Kenilworth Union Church walked this trail, we reflected upon Jesus’ teachings and miracles. We paused to celebrate communion overlooking the Sea of Galilee where he was thought to have feed thousands from meager provisions. In this next week, think of how you may see Jesus in your lives today, through front line workers caring for the sick, the teachers, those working to ensure we are fed.

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April 19, 2020

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